How should I prepare for Urine Collection?

24 Hour Urine Collection


The accurately timed urine collection you are about to perform is a part of your care. Important health decisions depend on it. The test is valid only if the collection includes all the urine you pass in a 24 hour period . The test will be Inaccurate and may have to be repeated if, For any reason, some of the urine you pass during the 24-hour period is not put into the collection container. Your physician may have requested several urine tests. If the tests require different preservatives, you will need to collect urine in separate 24-hour periods. You will be given container(S) for each 24-hour urine collection if needed.

Preparing the container

Remove the cap from the container. Collect the urine in different sterile container and then pour it into the supplied container. Do not pass the urine directly into the supplied container as it may contain preservatives.

Recording start and stop times

For your information and for laboratory documentation, record your start and stop times on the label pasted on the collection container. Stop time is 24 hours after the start time (for example, start at 7: 00am. a day and finish at 7:00am the next day)
Start : day am /p.m./Stop: day a.m /p.m
Urinate at the start time, but do not save the urine. (This urine was formed before your collection period began and should not be part of your collection.)
  • Begin the urine collection in the morning after you wake up, after you have emptied your bladder for the first time.
  • Urinate (empty the bladder) for the first time and flush it down the toilet. Note the exact time (eg , 6:15 AM). You will begin the urine collection at this time.
  • Collect every drop of urine during the day and night in the supplied container.
  • Finish by collecting the first urine passed the next morning adding it to the collection bottle.
This should be within ten minutes before or after the time of the first morning void on the first day (which was flushed). In this example ,you would try to void between 6:05 and 6:25 on the second day.
If you need to urinate one hour before the final collection time, drink a full glass of water so that you can void again at the appropriate time. If you have to urinate 20 minutes before, try to hold the urine until the proper time. Please note the exact time of the final collection.


The bottle(s) should be kept cool or refrigerated. On the day you finish your 24-hour urine collection, take the collection container(S) and return specimen to the laboratory , for measuring and processing. 

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